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Philippe de Valois Crémant de Loire Brut NV Wine - Last Bottle

Philippe de Valois Crémant de Loire Brut NV

A wine fit for a king, at a price you’d be a fool not to jump all over!



Flavor Profile: Jasmine, wisteria, peaches, lemon rind, raspberries, brioche buns, golden apples, pears, toasted nuts, croissants, key limes, and river rocks
Time on Lees: 12 months
Dosage: 12 g/L

Why We Love It...

Philippe de Valois may have been the King of France, but the refined and gloriously palatable cuvées crafted in his honor were destined for the people, not just royalty. This Crémant de Loire represents the king’s fierce advocacy of the Loire Valley, his home and deepest pride, coming together in a supple, fresh, and bright bubbly with fine yellow fruit notes and an underpinning of delicate flowers.

Truly, under $20 for a bubbly of this prestige and caliber should be illegal. Philippe de Valois was also known as “the Fortunate,” reigning from 1328 until he died in 1350. He held several plots of land and vineyards in his home region, the Loire Valley, and remains one of the country’s most revered monarchs – in no small part because of his efforts helping to preserve and protect the terroirs throughout France’s many radiant wine regions.

This wine is a blend of 70% chenin blanc, 20% chardonnay, and 10% cabernet franc from the appellation of Crémant de Loire. The wide territory sits along the Loire River, spanning from the Anjou to the Touraine regions. The vineyards here are known for their tuffeau chalk, sand, and flinty clay soils – lending a superb, zippy minerality and acidity to the wines that allow them to stand brilliantly bright and fresh. The team utilizes traditional Champagne winemaking methods, with manual harvests, careful grape selection, and aging for 12 months on the lees in their tuffeau cellars. A generous Brut level dosage further enhances the vivaciousness and splendid melding of explosive fruit and floral notes – while still leaving this zippy, bright, and dry as a Napa Valley summer!

For a mere $18, you’re getting a whole lot on your end of the bargain – starting with a lush, lightly golden hue in the glass that stirs up aromas of jasmine, and wisteria, with juicy summer peaches, a hint of lemon rind, some raspberry, and toasted and buttered brioche buns. Golden apples and crunchy pears coat the mouth soon after, with waves of toasted nuts, croissants fresh from the ovens, and zesty key limes squeezed over all. The finish is mineral and intense, with a piquant river rock sensation that cleans the palate and carries you to the next sip. Absolutely divine, and we see why it’s a wine representative of one of France’s most valiant kings. We fervently urge you to lock down a case of this for all your summer bubbly requirements – or at least a 6-pack, to snag complimentary shipping. It’s what the royals would do!

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Technical Details

Country: France
Region: Loire
Appellation: Crémant de Loire
Varietal: White Blends
Blend: 70% Chenin Blanc, 20% Chardonnay, and 10% Cabernet Franc
Alcohol: 12.5%
Pair it with: A summer fruit salad with berries and melons

About the Producer

Philippe de Valois, the King of France and a fervent champion of the Loire Valley region, held numerous lordships, lands, and vineyards during his reign. He vigorously advocated for the preservation and promotion of French expertise, particularly in his beloved Loire Valley, defending the country's cultural heritage and traditions. His efforts contributed to the rich diversity of terroir we enjoy today, notably in the wine region of the Loire Valley. Reflecting Philippe de Valois's commitment to local heritage, the winemaking process for these cuvées follows traditional methods, including manual harvests, meticulous grape selection, and aging in tuffeau cellars. The resulting refined cuvées, predominantly Chenin Blanc with additions of Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc, pay homage to Philippe de Valois and his legacy, showcasing the essence of the Loire Valley's viticultural excellence.

Philippe de Valois Crémant de Loire Brut NV




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