The Pressure... is building!!!

Loyal Bubble Monsters already know and love our one-wine-per-day deals, but during Fizz Fest we flip that on its head and offering wine after wine... after wine!

Champagne Tower

When we have too few bottles for a daily offer, we put it in the Fizz Fest stockpile. Some of these bottles are mega-rare, collector-type vino. Then, over the course of 24 mind-expanding hours, we blow through it at breakneck speed... down to the LAST of the bubbles.

Fizz Fest

Mark your calendars for Global Champagne Day, because we are celebrating the only way we know how: with nonstop, head-turning, flute-shattering bubbly sales for 24 hours straight!

That’s right Bubble monsters, Fizz Fest returns to Last Bubbles on Friday, October 25th, 2024! The all-day sparkling wine sale starts at 9 AM (Napa time) and we will keep the bubbles flowing all day (and all night) long!

Simply arrive on the homepage during the sale! No RSVPs required, but we do recommend setting up your account in advance so you don't have to do it day-of.

Just like a regular day at Last Bubbles, at any point during the Fizz Fest you’ll see just one sparkling wine on the site, but rest assured it won’t be there for long. Each wine will be up for mere minutes (sometimes seconds!) To secure the offer before it goes away for good, you must complete the checkout process.

Buyer beware! Bubbles will not be saved in your cart. Only a completed purchase secures the inventory. With that in mind, our strongest recommendation is to refrain from hesitation! Fizz Fest is fast– and if you want to catch the Krug Clos d’Ambonnay, you’ll need speedy fingers. 

Two very important words come to mind regarding Fizz Fest: free and shipping. Do we have your attention now? Each and every bottle of grower Champagne, British bubbly, crème de la crème crémants, pét-nats, and more will say bon voyage to our warehouse for freeeeee!

Two exceptions: Alaska & Hawaii (sorry guys!) While not free, we have negotiated for some of the lowest rates on 2-Day Air and Overnight shipping. You'll be able to check-out for free, but we will send a quote for shipping once we tally your total bottles purchased.

Your Fizz Fest will likely consist of many many small purchases, but fear not! You will not receive several tiny wine packages! Once the event is complete, our team will combine your Fizz Fest orders so you receive all of your wines together. This takes our elves a fair bit of time, so please be patient and we’ll work overtime to get things out to you as soon as possible. Rest assured, you will relish the season with all of your favorite sparklers in hand!

Our shipments are sent via Ground from our Napa warehouse. If you need a faster shipping method, please email us at and we will quote you the price for the shipping upgrade.

Your daily bubbles

We’re wine drinkers, collectors, and part of the global wine trade. Mostly, we are totally stoked to bring you incredible bubbles at the best prices we can possibly obtain, every day.