How We Ship

Summer 2024 Heat Alert: As temperatures climb across the country, we are actively monitoring conditions to ensure your wine arrives in excellent condition. We will temporarily pause shipping to states when we believe temperatures will cause spoilage.

We encourage you to take advantage of our free summer Weather Hold, expedited delivery options, and ice-packs. Weather Holds begin shipping in early Fall; we will contact you prior to dispatching your package (you may also request a specific shipping date by using the special instruction box at checkout).

Please note that our shipping insurance does not cover heat damage.

Please note that the above maps are overviews from our two fulfillment centers. It is not reflective of where we hold permits or licenses at any given time. Due to ever changing direct-shipping laws and regulations, the states that we ship to are subject to change without notice.

West Coast fulfillment departs from our headquarters in Napa Valley. We offer service through FedEx (our default), UPS (by request), GLS (by request), and via third-party shipping providers (please scroll down for more information on third-party).

East Coast fulfillment departs from Cobleskill, New York. We offer service through FedEx (our default) and UPS (upon request). These methods can change based on season, and certain states have carrier limitations.

Orders usually ship in 2-5 business days. Ground shipments are dispatched Monday—Friday; 2-Day shipments are dispatched Monday—Wednesday; Overnight shipments are dispatched Monday—Thursday.

You will receive tracking information automatically via email; you can also find this in your Last Bubbles account under ‘Order History’.

Our shipping prices include packaging materials. Ice-packs are optional add-ons during the summer.

Regional Hub Shipping: Certain states require we use a third-party shipping service, and we may also use this method for summer shipping. These orders are shipped out each Thursday via temperature-controlled Ground. You will receive a shipping confirmation email once your order has left our warehouse. Tracking will be uploaded to your account the following Monday. Packages travel on a temperature-controlled truck to the closest "area hub" to your delivery address before being passed to the final-mile carrier. Tracking will not show any activity until scanned at your state’s hub. This is when your ice-pack will be inserted (if you have chosen to add this option). Once scanned, your tracking link will start to show activity and provide you with an accurate ETA. Delivery is then made within a day or two (occasionally three) depending on your distance from the area hub. Please note that regional hub shipping takes roughly 1-3 weeks to arrive. Please also note that final-mile trucks (e.g. FedEx, UPS) are not refrigerated.

Free Shipping: As long as you buy the minimum amount stated in the shopping cart then the Ground shipping is on us. This applies to anywhere we ship in the U.S., but excludes Alaska and Hawaii (because, of course, we cannot ship Ground there!). If you're ordering fewer than the minimum, you will see a $15 flat-rate shipping charge applied to your order. If you upgrade your shipping to 2-Day or Overnight, and still meet our minimum, you'll see a $15 discount on the shipping charge. There is a mandatory 27¢ shipping fee added to packages going to Colorado and a 50¢ shipping fee added to packages going to Minnesota, covering their respective Retail Delivery Fees.

Extreme Weather: During extreme weather your package may have a longer shipping time, and we may hold back shipments to states experiencing extreme weather in order to proactively protect your purchase.

Shipping Insurance: Our check-out will automatically opt you in for 1% shipping insurance (rounded to the nearest 50¢). If your package has been lost or damaged in transit and you kept the shipping insurance selection, you are fully covered! We can issue a credit card refund or a store credit for the purchase. Alternatively, if the wine is still available, we would be happy to send a replacement! If you do not want this protection, you may deselect the Shipping Insurance during checkout. Without shipping insurance, we can only reimburse you through a store credit.

Delivery Requirements: Shipments of alcohol require an adult signature. It is highly recommended that you provide us with a business shipping address for best service. Customer order requests such as "Please leave at front door” cannot be accommodated. Carriers will attempt three deliveries before returning the package to us.

Local Pick-Up: We are pleased to now offer local pick-up options with our new final-mile partner, Via.Delivery! This can be a convenient shipping option for customers who are not always at home to sign for their package. Our check-out automatically finds pick-up locations near your shipping address. Choose from the list of option or click "Browse Pick-Up Locations" to find alternatives in your state. Shipping out of state? You'll need to change your shipping address to an out-of-state location in order to see pick-up points in that state; feel free to "make up" an address to prompt the system to show real local pick-up addresses in that state. Not all states are eligible for local pick-up. Orders must be picked up within 7 days of arrival at the pickup location; our system will send several reminder notifications. Please bring a government-issued photo ID. If you’re picking up the package for a friend or relative, you’ll also need the tracking number and the name of the person the package was addressed to. If your package is not picked up within 7 days, it will automatically be returned to our warehouse and processed as a return. We are unable to switch delivery-types retroactively (i.e. home-delivery once your package arrives at its local pick-up destination).

Where We Ship: Due to ever changing direct-shipping laws and regulations, the states that we ship to are subject to change at any time. Title to, and ownership of, all wine passes from Last Bubbles to the purchaser in the State of California and the purchaser takes all responsibility for shipping it from California to his/her home state. By arranging for transport of the wine, Last Bubbles is providing a service to, and acting on behalf of the purchaser. By utilizing this service from Last Bubbles, the purchaser is representing that he/she is acting in a fashion compliant with his/her local and state laws regarding the purchase, transportation and delivery of wine. The purchaser represents that he/she has obtained any required permission, paid any required fees, is working through properly licensed intermediaries where required, is legally entitled to take possession of wine, is legally entitled to take quantities ordered, and authorizes that he/she is 21 years of age. If a buyer lives in a state where the direct shipment of wine may violate the law, we will contact the buyer to discuss shipping options, which may include provision of an alternative shipping address in a state where the direct shipment of wine to consumers is permitted, or storage of the wine at an acceptable third-party storage facility.

"Dry" Zip-Codes: Certain zip-codes prohibit delivery of alcohol, and our check-out will reject your order should you attempt to ship there. Those zip-codes include:

Alaska: 99545, 99551, 99552, 99554, 99559, 99561, 99563, 99576, 99578, 99581, 99585, 99586, 99589, 99604, 99607, 99609, 99614, 99620, 99621, 99622, 99626, 99628, 99630, 99632, 99634, 99637, 99641, 99650, 99651, 99655, 99657, 99659, 99662, 99666, 99671, 99677, 99678, 99679, 99680, 99681, 99690, 99691, 99720, 99721, 99724, 99727, 99736, 99739, 99740, 99742, 99747, 99750, 99751, 99753, 99758, 99759, 99761, 99762, 99763, 99766, 99769, 99770, 99771, 99772, 99773, 99774, 99776, 99779, 99782, 99783, 99785, 99786, 99788, 99789, 99791

Florida: 32013, 32066, 32321, 32334, 32335, 32360, 32427, 32428, 32437, 32462, 32463

New Hampshire: 03223, 03266

Vermont: 05143, 05143, 05830, 08905

West Virginia: 24915, 24920, 24924, 24927, 24934, 24944, 24946, 24954, 25005, 25067, 25231, 25234, 25235, 25239, 25241, 25243, 25244, 25245, 25248, 25251, 25252, 25259, 25261, 25262, 25266, 25268, 25270, 25271, 25275, 25286, 25501, 25506, 25514, 25521, 25523, 25524, 25540, 25544, 25557, 25564, 25565, 25567, 25570, 25571, 25573, 26032, 26136, 26137, 26147, 26151, 26152, 26159, 26162, 26164, 26167, 26201, 26209, 26210, 26215, 26218, 26219, 26228, 26229, 26234, 26236, 26237, 26291, 26348, 26377, 26419, 26437, 26561, 26562, 26581, 26591, 26707, 26711, 26720, 26731, 26739, 26833, 26847, 26855.


To learn more about how your package will be shipped, please contact us at