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Perelada Cava Stars Touch of Rosé Brut 2020 Wine - Last Bottle

Perelada Cava Stars Touch of Rosé Brut 2020

Bone-dry, wickedly flavorful Brut rosé that’ll leave you counting STARS!



Flavor Profile: Strawberry, cherry, cream, toast, rose petal, and watermelon
Time on Lees: 9 months
Dosage: 6 g/L

Why We Love It...

There’s Cava…and then there’s Cava. It’s not always easy to understand which is which, but that’s what we do! Glorious, organically-farmed Cava Rosé, from a third generation of family farmers, made in the classic methode champenoise style and direct-imported by us for years to keep the price at simply ridiculous levels. I can’t think of a better quality for value performer than this delightful bubbly – load up big time and be thankful for all of 2024 that you did!

The incredibly grand Castillo Perelada – with its dual fortification towers and impressive reflection cast over its nearby lake – makes for one of the most emblematic landmarks of the Empordà region. Castillo Perelada has produced wines here since the Middle Ages – with an entire library documenting the methods, sales, and history of the estate going back centuries! The modern age began with Miguel Mateu in 1923 and the region of Empordà has grown ever since. Here, set amongst Empordà’s sandy, silty alluvial valleys and slate-riddled slopes, grapes are thriving, and the wines are too.

Tack on their brand new, state-of-the-art production winery, housed in a LEED Gold-certified building on the estate, and these wines are better than ever. This is the first winery in Europe to achieve such a high certification, and since 2017, we’ve witnessed firsthand a marked increase in the quality of their entire portfolio. That said, it is this exuberant and flavorful rosé that has always held the apple of our eye, and this 2020 vintage makes things perfectly clear…we don’t expect any shift in the rankings anytime soon! 

Back in the 1960s, due primarily to the success of the winery’s “Champagne Rosado de Castillo Perelada” (the predecessor of this fantastic cuvee) in the United Kingdom, Champagne producers in France unified and successfully petitioned the courts to obtain exclusive naming rights to “Champagne” as a brand of place. This sent a shockwave around the wine world, and in many ways precipitated the creation of the Cava D.O. that we have today. Pretty cool, right?

Anywho, the new vintage – still made from a blend of 85% old-vine garnatxa (which we’d call grenache stateside) and a 15% soupçon of pinot noir – is as delightful as ever, and we’d say the best we’ve ever had. Sadly, we get less and less each year as the rest of the planet catches on – so trust me when I say that this is not one to be missed! Fully loaded with bright strawberry and cherry perfume, creamy, toasty rose, saliva-inducing watermelon, and some sexy, ethereal floral notes…just perfectly, impossibly balanced with a lip-popping freshness and surprising length. For the price, it’s truly astounding.
This is a two-in-the-fridge-at-all-times sparkler and you simply cannot beat this. 6 grams per liter dosage and a quick 9 months on the lees keep everything bright, fresh, and vibrant – all that remains is for you to drink up!

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Technical Details

Country: Spain
Region: Penedès
Appellation: Cava
Varietal: Rose Blends
Blend: 85% garnatxa and 15 % pinot noir
Winemaker: Javier Suqué
Alcohol: 11.5%
Pair it with: Shrimp ceviche

About the Producer

Perlada Cava, a renowned Spanish sparkling wine producer, has been creating exceptional cavas since its establishment. Rooted in the heart of the Penedès wine region in Catalonia, Perlada has a rich history that dates back several decades. Their dedication to quality begins with the careful selection of traditional grape varieties such as Macabeo, Xarel·lo, and Parellada, sourced from vineyards that benefit from the region's unique microclimate and soil composition. Perlada's commitment to the traditional méthode champenoise, or "traditional method," ensures that their cavas undergo a secondary fermentation in the bottle, resulting in fine bubbles and complex flavors. Known for their balance, elegance, and affordability, Perlada cavas have become a popular choice for those seeking high-quality sparkling wines that capture the essence of Catalonia's wine culture, making them a cherished presence on tables around the world.

Perelada Cava Stars Touch of Rosé Brut 2020




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