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Hattingley Valley Rose Brut 2018 Wine - Last Bottle

Hattingley Valley Rose Brut 2018

94 Point UK Rosé Sparkler that shouldn’t be missed!



Flavor Profile: Apples, strawberries, raspberries, blood orange, Tahitian vanilla, lime leaf, celery salt, and bergamot tea
Time on Lees: 24 months
Dosage: 8 g/L
Farming Method: Sustainable Practices
Score: 94

Why We Love It...

As the traditional wine growing regions of the world continue to warm – previously untenable plots in undiscovered regions have begun to produce wines of exceptional quality. Here, in Hampshire, only about a 90 minute drive southwest of London, along Britain's southern coast – world-class sparkling wines are demanding your attention. This one certainly caught ours, and we’re thrilled to have it for the best price in the USA – by far!!! 

Hattingley Valley began in 2008 as a government sponsored farming diversification initiative – designed to inject new agricultural blood, and maybe even a bit of tourism and commerce, into the English countryside. Simon Robinson knew next to nothing about growing grapes or making wine, but he sure liked to drink it! He converted a portion of the family farm to grape vines, and sought out a winemaker to lead him properly into the wine business. Emma Rice was a name that came highly recommended, and so he brought her to the site, and showed her the abandoned chicken shed that he envisioned as their new winery. 

In response to his query of can wine be made here, Emma took a long look at the dilapidated chicken shed and replied, “"Yes, but not with me as your winemaker." She proceeded to convince him of the site’s potential, as well as the need for top of the line equipment and facilities, if this new venture was to have any hope of being successful. Simon went all-in.

A decade and a half later, Hattingley Valley is one of the principal success stories of the English wine revolution. A state of the art facility capable of crushing some 600 tons of fruit each harvest, with all the latest equipment, and solid relationships with growers across England’s wine regions. This traditional method sparkler (a la Champagne) is a flat-out beauty – a stunning rosé that eclipses many similar offerings from Champagne’s top houses. 94 points from Wine Enthusiast is the tip of the iceberg for this glorious rosé – made from 55% pinot noir and 45% pinot meunier, with 5% of the pinot noir coming in the form of a still wine that provides the delicate pink hue. 

Aromas and flavors of red and green apples, ripe summer strawberries, macerated raspberries, and blood orange, with baker’s yeast, Tahitian vanilla, lime leaf, celery salt, and delicate bergamot tea. Creamy and zesty in the mouth, with bright and tingly acidity that carries the wine into a nutty, long, and tart finish. Impressive stuff that competes qualitatively with top-notch Champagne clocking in at nearly twice the price!

We’re extremely limited on this, sadly, but are endeavoring to get more – both of this wine, and this rising star house. No promises can be made, but my most authentic declaration is this: get some of this while you can!

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Technical Details

Country: England
Region: England
Appellation: Hampshire
Varietal: Champagne Blends
Blend: 50% Pinot Noir, 45% Pinot Meunier and 5% still wine of Pinot Noir Precoce
Winemaker: Emma Rice
Farming Method: Sustainable Practices
Oak: 7% in 4-5 year old Burgundy Barrels
Alcohol: 12%
Pair it with: Buttermilk biscuits with parma ham and red pepper jelly

About the Producer

Hattingley Valley was founded in 2008 by Simon and Nicola Robinson in Hampshire, England with its chalky soils and climate ideally suited for sparkling wines. They planted their first 7.3 hectares on a south-facing site with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier using laser-guided planting technology. Today, the team manages over 24 hectares (60 acres) of vines across two well-situated sites. Led by winemaker Emma Rice, Hattingley sparkling wines are all made in the traditional method with the highest quality standards – leading the charge for the English Sparkling wine movement.  HAMPSHIRE, ENGLAND || Located in the Central South, Hampshire benefits from the chalky limestone soil and cool climate growing conditions that closely mirror those found in Champagne. Hampshire is home to the first established commercial wine producer, founded in 1951. The best vineyards tend to be south facing, benefitting from increased sun exposure.

Hattingley Valley Rose Brut 2018



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