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Flegenheimer Bros. Sparkling Shiraz Out of the Park South Australia NV Wine - Last Bottle

Flegenheimer Bros. Sparkling Shiraz Out of the Park South Australia NV

Double 90 Points sparkling shiraz -- for how much?!



Flavor Profile: Violets, lavender, boysenberry,dark cherry kirsch, and creme de cassis
Time on Lees: 20 Months
Score: 90

Why We Love It...

I mean… I’m not gonna lie… the price is straight-up compelling! But I tasted this long before I found out what we’d be selling it for (and that’s a pretty good rule to follow when it comes to professional tasting, by the by), and this wine just delivers – regardless of price point! Sparkling shiraz can run the gamut of overly sweet, to unpleasantly funky, to immensely tannic… there’s a lot of bad ones out there, folks. This is clean, fresh, fruity, and buttery smooth – with just a kiss of sweetness – but mostly brightness, and sheer delectability. At the BEST price in the USA… this should only be a question of just how many does one get?

Flegenheimer Bros. was originally a high-end beverage company in New York, started in the 1870s by German immigrants. They were thriving, controlling beverage sales from downtown to Yonkers, when Prohibition struck. The business sadly closed, and it wasn’t until three generations later that Benjamin Hammershlag decided to resurrect the family brand – this time as a wine importer focusing on the wines of Australia.

If you’ve never experienced a sparkling shiraz before – let’s give you a little crash course, shall we? This is red wine. Not blush, not rosé, not simply made with red grapes… red wine. The bubbles are added in a pressurized tank, a la Prosecco, and bottled under cork. Fun stuff. This is 96% shiraz and 4% cabernet sauvignon. It’s delicious, it’s bubbly, and yes, it tastes remarkably like shiraz! That’s a good thing, trust me. Chock-a-block with dusty blackberries and blueberries, dark cherry kirsch, creme de cassis, sweet boysenberry pie, all with this delicate and inviting floral note of violets, lavender, and a gentle puff of baby powder. Rich, round, velvety soft, and perhaps most importantly, immensely crushable! 

There’s a whisper of tannin, but that kiss of sweetness I mentioned earlier balances that out seamlessly. This is a bubbly to have in the fridge at all times… I consider it my new party kickstarter. With the temperatures of fall settling in across most of the country, there’s a lot more of these in my future… grab a handful for yourself and see what the buzz is about! Only $10… you can’t afford to miss out!

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Technical Details

Country: Australia
Region: South Australia
Appellation: McLaren Vale
Varietal: Syrah Blends
Blend: 96% Shiraz and 4% Cabernet Sauvignon
Winemaker: Glen Wandless
Alcohol: 13.1%
Pair it with: Point Reyes blue cheese and gala apples

About the Producer

Founded in the heart of Australia's renowned wine region, Flegenheimer Bros. Australian Winery is a family-owned establishment with a rich legacy spanning generations. Inspired by a profound passion for viticulture and a commitment to crafting the finest wines, the Flegenheimer brothers embarked on a journey to create a brand that would embody the essence of the Australian terroir. Guided by their deep respect for nature and sustainable practices, they meticulously nurture the vineyards to cultivate exceptional grapes, resulting in wines that boast a perfect harmony of flavors and a distinct regional character. Flegenheimer Bros. Australian Winery continues to thrive as a testament to tradition, innovation, and the enduring pursuit of producing wines that enchant connoisseurs worldwide.

Flegenheimer Bros. Sparkling Shiraz Out of the Park South Australia NV




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