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Champagne Gosset Rosé Celebris Millésimé Extra Brut 2007 Wine - Last Bottle

Champagne Gosset Rosé Celebris Millésimé Extra Brut 2007

Celebrate everything with Gosset’s 96 point, 2007 Celebris Rosé!



Flavor Profile: Red cherries, rose water, plums, ripe nectarines, red apples, cherry taffy, salted plums, and toasted baguettes
Time on Lees: 96 months
Dosage: 5 g/L
Score: 96

Why We Love It...

Coming from a historic family producer with more than four centuries of tenure, this brilliantly elegant rendition of rosé has a delicate salmon hue alongside a grandiose depth of flavors, making it absolutely worthy of the 96 and 95 points it’s been endowed…a celebratory bottle of bubbles, indeed! As Champagne’s oldest house, which dates back to 1584 (they started with still wines, Ruinart has the title of Champagne's oldest bubbly producer), every bottle of Gosset is filled with secrets and history, bubbling to the brim. Finesse, elegance, and strength reside in each glass of Gosset, and this 2007 Celebris is one you’ll want to have in your cellar – for years to come!

Aÿ is the house’s home base, near the town of Epernay, in the Vallee de Marne, where the Gosset family held court for years as public figures intent on protecting their terroir. The terroir they’ve fought to protect and continue protecting is sourced from Grand Cru and Premier Cru vineyards, almost exclusively, in the Cotes des Blancs, Vallee de Marne, and the Montagne de Reims. 

In 1993, Gosset sold to the Renaud-Cointreau family of Cognac Frapin. But this wasn’t a familial drama a la Mondavi and Constellation; the Gosset family wanted a parent company that would be just as adamant about land stewardship and upholding quality as they are. Renaud-Cointreau insisted on continuing the old style of winemaking that was prevalent in the village of Aÿ. At the same time, though, the Gossets and Renaud-Cointreau family understand that new technologies and practices can enhance their already-stellar wine while making processes more efficient, so in 2009, they acquired a property in Epernay that, essentially, expands their cellar and production facilities. 

The commitment to quality has shone through the transition to new ownership, with our offer today showcasing one of the very top rosé Champagnes you can get anywhere in the world. Blended of 59% chardonnay and 41% pinot noir – 7% of which is a still red wine added right after disgorgement – this jaw-dropping presentation hails from top vineyard sites in Avize, Chouilly, Cramant, Vertus, Aÿ, and Bouzy. With such a tapestry of fruit raised in the challenging growing year that was 2007, the result is something unequivocally balanced, layered, and fresh. The addition of 96 months’ aging time on the lees allowed it ample time to integrate into a singularly harmonious wine – and it’s no wonder it was given the apt name of “Celebris,” which translates to English as “famous, celebrated, or renowned.”

That extended tirage creates a creamy and silky wine that flirts with the tongue, especially since Gosset wines don’t allow malolactic conversion to occur. This is quite the mouthful with so much breathtaking complexity taking place – first with bursting aromatics of red cherries, rose water, and plums that cascade into tones of ripe nectarines, crisp red apples, cherry, taffy, salted plums, and toasted baguettes. The finish is delightfully long and lush, complete with an electric zip of citrine character that carries the whole thing through to a splendid close. This is a proper journey that will surprise and please anyone who partakes in it, until the very last drop in the bottle. I sincerely believe any fan of Champagne must try this wine at some point…so, why not today?  What a wonderful addition to your bubbles collection: history, winemaking excellence, viticultural vigilance, and finesse. What’s not to celebrate?

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Technical Details

Country: France
Region: Champagne
Appellation: Marne Valley
Varietal: Champagne Blends
Blend: 59% Chardonnay, 41% Pinot Noir (including 7% red wine added for color)
Winemaker: Jean-Pierre Mareigner
Alcohol: 12%
Pair it with: Heirloom tomato gazpacho

About the Producer

Gosset was started in Aÿ in 1584 by Pierre Gosset and is the oldest house in Champagne. Gosset sources fruit almost entirely from premier cru and grand cru vineyards. Stylistically, they create wines without maolatic fermention but rather use the lees to express the wines terrior and to bring roundness and complexity. Gosset wines spend a mininum of 4 years on their lees in the cellar with their top cuvées seeing 10 years plus. The house has been awarded with the 'Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant' as well as the Trophy of French Excellence.

Champagne Gosset Rosé Celebris Millésimé Extra Brut 2007




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